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Our Tradition

We have developed century-old techniques using only the very best ingredients to perfect the art of sugar-craft with over 15 years experience. We guarantee you will NOT find anywhere better in quality or affordability.

Coffee Drink Stirrers

Say hello! to our newly developed drink stirrers making for the ultimate way to drink your coffee.

Extra Large Swirly Lollipops!

With up to 12 different colour combinations we are sure to have the perfect match for your amazing cakes!

5 Star Reviews!

Thank you to all our customers for taking there time to review our products and services, with well over 2000 5 star reviews on Etsy and 100% positive feedback on Ebay we couldn't be any happier !

NEW Boozy box!

Welcome our new boozy box for our alcoholic drink stirrers, contains 3 packs of 8 stirrers! The perfect party gift for drinks in the garden this summer!!

Boozy Drink Stirrers

Indulge in our most popular products, our alcoholic candy sticks make for the ultimate way to drink your cocktails. Once you begin to stir them in your drink, this is when all the magic happens. They slowly start to dissolve enhancing the flavour and releasing the colours giving you that little extra bit of Sass & Class to your drink!!

Updated Products

Taste our updated products! Which we are constantly evolving and adding new exiting flavours to deliver you the tastiest treats possible.

Boozy Love Heart Lollipops

A perfect heart for that perfect somebody, what a great way to show your love with our hand crafted love heart lollipops. Infused with real liquor extracts giving you an authentic taste of each popular drink. Our unique lollipops are amazing for all occasions. Check if we have your favourite flavour....